Introduction to n-CluE

n-CluE is a novel clustering tool that integrates heterogeneous data coming from multiple different sources, e.g. OMICS data sets of different types. Our n-CluE package solves the Weighted n-Cluster Editing Problem, i.e. a special case of the NP-hard Custer Editing Problem for n-partite graphs. n-CluE implements a nature-inspired heuristic algorithm that can be applied to large-scale data in order to n-cluster different data sets simultaneously.

Core Developers

  1. Sun, Peng
  2. Baumbach, Jan
  3. Guo, Jiong


• n-CluE is the first n-cluster editing software designed for simultaneous clustering of n-partite biomedical data sets. n-CluE can be applied on any data set that can be modeled as n-partite graphs, all kinds of n-dimensional matrices. n-CluE can handle various clustering scenarios. It is highly modular and can easily be extended to adopt new functional components.

• n-CluE was tested on the following input graph types:

  1.    Bipartite graphs
  2.    N-partite graphs
  3.    N-partite hierarchy graphs
  4.    N-partite graphs with intra-edges
  5.    General simple graphs